02 September 2005

Hurricanes will Howl

My favorite science writer and altogether swell guy Mark Fischetti (who juggled eggs over a 2005 Centenary graduate just to prove a point--very cool) published an op-ed entitled "They Saw It Coming" in this morning's edition of The New York Times. Read it all the way to the bitter end, where you will find the last paragraph a bittersweet finale.

The upshot of his final sentence makes me fervent for education and action. We have so much to learn from Katrina and her refugees (so many thousands still waiting for refuge) about economics, sociology, race relations, welfare, public health, engineering, the oil industry, homeland security, charity, nursing homes, the elderly, rape, murder, love, blood banks, city government, national politics, war, and volunteerism, to name a few. So let's learn.


Denny Burk said...

I read this this morning. It looks like a failure to prepare at a number of different levels.

Thanks for the post.


Denny Burk said...

I saw Mark Fischetti on "Meet the Press" this morning. They should have let him talk more because Mike Tidwell was awful.

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