20 December 2006


More from Great-Grandma Esther: Oel? Olan? Orlen? "I'm always wanting to add an N or R," she says. "You've got to correct me, now." I'm just shocked that she has yet to call him Noie ("Like Noie in the Bible," she once told me about her Uncle Noah, and emphatically, as though she couldn't figure out how I missed the allusion) or Junior (which is what she always called him in-utero).

07 December 2006

Thanks to Papa Strange

for stating some classroom rules so clearly. Why don't students just presume these things?

Of course, he's forgotten one of the most important rules: don't tick off Mama Strange or else she'll go home and complain to Papa Strange about it. He has been known to offer kind commiseration when deserved, so watch out.

One of these days, I'll actually take him up on his offer to appear as a guest lecturer on exactly this subject.

06 December 2006

Full circle with the Bean


I learned that Oxford American accepted my poem "Three Days After Easter, 1994" during the same week that I learned I was pregnant.

Now the issue featuring that poem is appearing on newsstands during the week when I will likely deliver.

How's that?

Yes, I can think about something other than labor

As you await the arrival of Baby Strange, please read "Kramer's Sins—and Ours" from Christianity Today. I started reading it with a little skepticism, presuming it might merely be an opportunistic commentary on the recent Michael Richards incident. Turns out that the writer, Edward Gilbreath, instead takes that opportunity to write rather insightfully about the problem of how we manage political correctness regarding race in the media and other professions and, finally, the Church. So, enjoy . . . and please respond.

The Rumors Rumble On

Dr. Palmer just called me to ask, a bit tongue-in-cheek, if it was a boy or a girl. That's what her sister had just called to ask her. Apparently, she had heard from their mother yesterday that I was 4 cm and going to the hospital, when what April claims she clearly told her mother was simply that I was 3 cm and might probably maybe likely could have the baby in the next 2-3 days. Translation by 11 am the next morning: Baby Strange has surely entered the world.

Who knows where the message went wrong. Of course, it matters very little, as April has reminded me that I am only allowed to have this baby today, tomorrow, or Saturday and following, because she's taking her boards on Friday. If we care at all about Aunt April, we will organize the labor schedule accordingly. Yes, indeed.

05 December 2006

Your Mother Should Know (Your Mo-ther Should)

Lest the previous post suggest any complaining bitterness (as, indeed, my dear mother suggested), I'd like to clarify that I really only meant it as a gentle jab toward the rumor-makers. After all, again as my dear mother noted, few folks start rumors unless they care about the rumor subjects. (NB this isn't always the case, for some simply like to control information, but that's a different issue.) The bean's parents are beyond grateful for those who care about the bean and us. Especially those who perpetuated rumors 2 and 3 :) Be it known.

04 December 2006

Six Days and Counting

Yesterday my belly received its first unsolicited touch, and what a touch it was. More like a fingernail tickle. Good night, Irene. Just because I'm 9 months pregnant doesn't mean my body has become public property.

But what do I have to complain about? After all, I'm 9 months pregnant and that was the first unsolicited touch. Rumors have, however, circulated back my direction over the past few days. I'd like to celebrate by sleuthing out some untrue rumors I have heard about myself over the past few weeks:

1) "What are you doing at work? Weren't you on bedrest?" Thanks for informing me. Apparently a co-worker started this rumor when the doctor was doing tests to confirm whether or not I had pre-eclampsia, which I have not had. In the conversation that required my informing this co-worker that my doctor had this concern, I specifically noted that even if I had pre-eclampsia, she would not prescribe bedrest but would simply let labor bring the baby early.

2) "Your contractions were so significant Thursday night that you almost went to the hospital." Really? Indeed, contractions have been getting sharper, but they're nowhere near regular. This could go on for weeks. We never had thoughts of actually going to the hospital last Thursday night.

3) "If the baby doesn't come by your due date, she'll induce Monday the 11th." Right, um, no. We did ask how long she'd let me go, and her answer was that she'd like for me to not wait much past the due date, but that does not mean induction is a real possibility, and we certainly have not scheduled anything, nor would we expect to do so that early.

So, beware if you hear rumors about me and/or Baby Strange. If, on the other hand, you hear rumors about Papa Strange having sympathy fatigue and pains, believe those all you want because they're probably true.