05 October 2005

Festival of Faith and Writing: Here I Come

Calvin College's biannual Festival of Faith and Writing is officially brewing for next April and I need to go. Not only will my favorite Irish Catholic novelist be there, but my favorite Greek Orthodox poet will be there, and my new favorite hornrimmed nonfiction writer (Lauren Winner, mentioned below) will also be there. Plus other people of faith and writerly affections.

Their Call for Papers invites attendees to write on festival writers or themes, like literary representations of the transcendent or the role of religion and writers in the public realm (from policy to art). I have a couple of ideas: something connecting Winner and sexual violence, or some literary consideration of alienation that suggests it is good when it reminds us that this world is not our home. But if you have suggestions, feel free to post them; I'm all eyes and brain.

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lady_catherine said...

Yo cuh! You could scrait up write about the effects of dem psychadelic drugs!