09 September 2006

One More

Now it's Poetry Southeast making the fourth accepted poem since the bean took up residence in my belly. Let's hope that the poems currently out there return accepted too . . . just to gather nine acceptances in nine months of bean gestation.

Specifics: the online magazine's editor (a fellow UF MFA who was only a year ahead of me in the program) has accepted "Attendant Alterations," a poem about buying and then altering my bridesmaid's dress for April Palmer's wedding. I've always liked that one.

In other news, nesting continues: today it focused on my desk and all the various notes and books that have collected around it. So, there's more paper being thrown away than I care to count, much to the planet's chagrin. I think the intensity of the nesting may be directly disproportionate to the weirdness of my dreams: one night I'm able to float in mid-air by doing a water-wading motion, and the next day I'm eager to get out of the house and watch a movie, but the next night I sleep soundly for an amazing 10 hours with no dreams and then fill the next day with all kinds of cleaning.

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