26 April 2007

Top Five

To honor the last day of National Poetry Month (and to try and keep up with the Muffins, the Two Sheds, and the Sics) I shall hereby post a Top Five:

  1. Four Quartets by TS Eliot (well, and "The Rock" and "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," but 4Q tops them all).
  2. "Epithalamion Made at Lincoln's Inn" by John Donne (but oh the Holy Sonnets!)
  3. "In Memoriam" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (but let's not forget "Ulysses" and "Crossing the Bar")
  4. "Upon the Circumcision" by John Milton.
  5. and "Birches" by Robert Frost, because earth really is a pretty good place for love.

I have much dismay realizing that those Five are all dead white men, but they are indeed my favorites, at least the top five poems that I go back to and read over and over. Of a whole host of other beautiful poems, though. Five is too hard.


Micah said...

how anticlimatic to read them in direct order

My Breathments Off said...

incorrigible nerd!

Also, take the word verification off your comment posts. It's only slightly annoying. Go to options, etc. No one is going to hack your blog full of poetry, odd grandmother stories, and the like.

Brent and Kat said...

Old dead white men write awesome poetry... such is life. I'm with you on Frost, but he is about all my feeble engineer-brain can take. Grins!

Arthur Jackson said...

Those guys are hot.