25 February 2008

Swimming lessons with Seeger

"But what about the kitty cats?" asks a little one.

Pointing to the picture of the people clinging to the rocks (see below), say, "These children asked a lot of questions, too—and look what happened to them!"

Then close with prayer: "God, please don’t cover the earth with water ever again. Some of us don’t know how to swim yet. Amen."

Ah, biblical teaching for children at its best. For more ludicrous game ideas and inspiring curriculum, see Rejected Sunday School Lessons: Totally Inappropriate Ideas for Working with Children. And please let's all chip in and get Rev. Segner a copy.


Shannon said...

Oh my...I'm giggling out loud right now. Maybe that would work for some of my out-of-control 4 year olds!!

Jen said...

Yes, giggling out loud was my response too. And a sudden uncontrollable need to read the sample chapters aloud to Micah. Which meant we were both crying over dinner.

Micah said...

i was crying because of the food, not the book chapters