28 May 2008

Just Curb It

My giddiness over the curbside recycling program about to begin in Shreveport is slightly ridiculous, but I ain't proud. I can hardly wait to get our blue cart: it may arrive as early as next Monday. I can hardly wait to figure out a new use for our current in-house recycling bins. I can hardly wait to not separate our recyclables.

I can hardly wait for Micah to have more time to get my Saturday beignets, though I am slightly concerned that without the coincidental function of taking the recycling out, he won't have as much reason to go get said beignets.

And when I read this morning that one of the recyclable items one can place in one's blue bins is . . . glass bottles. Well, I about fell out of my chair. The local recycling joint won't take those (last I checked, anyway).

So let's all get ready to smile the first day we have a multicolored trash day, the brown and blue together at the curb. My oh my.


Micah said...

i think we should reapportion our saturday mornings because in july two significant things will happen. first, we will get a large recycling bin that we can dump our item into unsorting, saving several hours for me each saturday morning. so instead of waking with noel, feeding him breakfast, making coffee, getting him dressed and changed, loading the recycling into the truck and unloading at the recycling center, driving by the coffee shop to pick up beignets and delivering them to my wife, i think you should wake with noel and do all of aforementioned items while i play ncaa 2009 on the wii, which will be released in july.

good idea, right?

Jen said...

nice try :)