05 June 2006

Fun with Jacks

If ever there is a summer class more fun to be teaching than The Fiction and Nonfiction of C. S. Lewis, I would like to know. We have only had one day of it, but I am already convinced that every morning should start by telling stories about Jack Lewis (everyone should get the infinitely readable biography by A. N. Wilson right now) and then hearing letters from Screwtape aloud to elicit mild (okay, this part could be better) conversation about reason vs emotion. Thanks to Myles Roberts for playing along with me and the undergrads.


Cynthia Nielsen said...

Nice blog and what a fantastic sounding class! I hope that this means that you will be blogging on your thoughts from Lewis' Abolition of Man. It's been a while since I've read that book, but would love to dig in again.


Jen Strange said...

Ah, Abolition of Man. Yes, some future posts there--I'll make a note to revisit that when I'm away from the class just a bit. Next week!