13 June 2006

Morning Reading

The recent issue of Christianity Today features two articles that particularly caught my attention, one for good reasons and the other for bad ones.

Tim Keller wrote the good-reason article, called "A New Kind of Urban Christian" and there exhorts readers to just live real Christianity in the real world. Not exactly the pious mentality we often see where folks remove themselves from the big, bad world in order to become more holy all by their lonesomes; no, we actually become truly holy when we become truly practical about faith and truly loving of other people, and Keller suggests that we might best learn that in cities. Brilliant notion.

The bad-reason article is a magazine editorial entitled "Sex Isn't a Spectator Sport." Proceed with caution, preparing to mourn over how bent the world has become, setting up prostitution huts like portable potties so that soccer fanatics can get some without going far.

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