21 June 2007

Quotable for sure

Tonight's conversation with Grandma Esther yielded these quotables. By the end, I was in tears, mostly because I was trying to keep my audible laughter to a minimum.

1. "I meant to put my trash can out tonight. I don't have anything in it . . . much."

2. "I had the diptherie. Did you know I had the diptherie? I got it one Christmas at the store."

3. "I found those cuff links in a drawer in that little bathroom. Same drawer as a broke plate. I thought it could be fixed sometime, would be real nice to display flowers on. But I never did. That and some rags Melva gave me, like ones I gave you."

4. Grandma: "I guess Eric was glad to see you today."
Me: "Who?"
Grandma: "Your baby."
Me: "Noel?"
Grandma: "Yeah, I called him Eric."

5. "I'm proud I don't have a blue hip."

6. "She thought she had the poison ivy, but doctor says it's east from taking drugs."


rach said...

i am in tears, literally, my sides hurt...my favorite is #4...WHO?!

oh my sides...

lauren said...

Hahahahaha! What is she talking about??? I love her! ERIC?!?!?!

Brent and Kat said...

You REALLY need to capture a "Book of Esther" with all these quotables.

Jen Strange said...

I'm in stitches again every time I think of these things. So is Eric.

Seriously, a book. . . .

Anonymous said...

give eric a hug and kiss from me.