04 October 2007

Emily, the Bride

Is my sister gorgeous or what?

As I approached the corner of Cotton and Common, she suddenly came into view, a statue atop her pedestal, veil flying in the wind.

What could I do but roll down my window and scream with excitement? Then park and join the smiling gallery.

Lots more veil-flying ensued, with both mom and Vicki serving as helper. Noel behaved himself rather well throughout as well. He only ate a few leaves and otherwise enjoyed the show as much as the grownups did.

The heat seemed as nothing, Emily our cool celebration at every location: that temple, the old red-brick church downtown, a levee, and a graffiti wall perfect for her cop fiance.

I can hardly wait for the big day (November 10) when we all get to join in the photos. Kevin Beasley seemed to be having such fun, exuberant and giddy as he described this and that pose, looking through the veil and laying on the ground to get this or that angle. Highly recommendable, he is, for adding to the celebratory giddiness.

And then, what images we get in the end!


Brent and Kat said...

Cool, Cool! Your whole family must be so excited. I think Noel is ready for ring-bearer duty. He's trustworthy, and probably only somewhat likely to eat the ring. That's better than most!

lauren said...

yes, she's gorgeous! I'm LOVING the back the blue...

Jen Strange said...

Thankfully, the ring bearer pillow my crafty mother has made will not actually bear the real ring(s). But let's hope Noel doesn't eat anything on said pillow anyway.