12 October 2007

Nobel, what?

Except for the fact that Al Gore's latest prize is surely putting a damper on my mother's European cruise (watch out! says Mr. Tony) I have had more interest in Doris Lessing's too-long expected Nobel win than in any other Nobel-related news in any recent memory. Here's one reason:

And here's another:

But I haven't even read any Lessing! Must remedy that.


kinseyatoz said...

Such unabashed joy!!

Jen Strange said...

She can hardly keep it in, I know.

Read the amazon.com blog entry linked in my comments and you'll admire her response, I think. Having been short-listed for so long, she just quit even paying attention.

Brent said...

How wonderfully British... To be both befuddled and disdainful. I haven't seen such a wonderful display since Hugh Grant went on Leno after that little vice squad incident! *GRIN*

Jen Strange said...

Got to love those Brits!