04 December 2006

Six Days and Counting

Yesterday my belly received its first unsolicited touch, and what a touch it was. More like a fingernail tickle. Good night, Irene. Just because I'm 9 months pregnant doesn't mean my body has become public property.

But what do I have to complain about? After all, I'm 9 months pregnant and that was the first unsolicited touch. Rumors have, however, circulated back my direction over the past few days. I'd like to celebrate by sleuthing out some untrue rumors I have heard about myself over the past few weeks:

1) "What are you doing at work? Weren't you on bedrest?" Thanks for informing me. Apparently a co-worker started this rumor when the doctor was doing tests to confirm whether or not I had pre-eclampsia, which I have not had. In the conversation that required my informing this co-worker that my doctor had this concern, I specifically noted that even if I had pre-eclampsia, she would not prescribe bedrest but would simply let labor bring the baby early.

2) "Your contractions were so significant Thursday night that you almost went to the hospital." Really? Indeed, contractions have been getting sharper, but they're nowhere near regular. This could go on for weeks. We never had thoughts of actually going to the hospital last Thursday night.

3) "If the baby doesn't come by your due date, she'll induce Monday the 11th." Right, um, no. We did ask how long she'd let me go, and her answer was that she'd like for me to not wait much past the due date, but that does not mean induction is a real possibility, and we certainly have not scheduled anything, nor would we expect to do so that early.

So, beware if you hear rumors about me and/or Baby Strange. If, on the other hand, you hear rumors about Papa Strange having sympathy fatigue and pains, believe those all you want because they're probably true.

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