06 December 2006

The Rumors Rumble On

Dr. Palmer just called me to ask, a bit tongue-in-cheek, if it was a boy or a girl. That's what her sister had just called to ask her. Apparently, she had heard from their mother yesterday that I was 4 cm and going to the hospital, when what April claims she clearly told her mother was simply that I was 3 cm and might probably maybe likely could have the baby in the next 2-3 days. Translation by 11 am the next morning: Baby Strange has surely entered the world.

Who knows where the message went wrong. Of course, it matters very little, as April has reminded me that I am only allowed to have this baby today, tomorrow, or Saturday and following, because she's taking her boards on Friday. If we care at all about Aunt April, we will organize the labor schedule accordingly. Yes, indeed.

1 comment:

Micah said...

I heard the baby already came and it was grumpy. Are you holding out information from us?