05 December 2006

Your Mother Should Know (Your Mo-ther Should)

Lest the previous post suggest any complaining bitterness (as, indeed, my dear mother suggested), I'd like to clarify that I really only meant it as a gentle jab toward the rumor-makers. After all, again as my dear mother noted, few folks start rumors unless they care about the rumor subjects. (NB this isn't always the case, for some simply like to control information, but that's a different issue.) The bean's parents are beyond grateful for those who care about the bean and us. Especially those who perpetuated rumors 2 and 3 :) Be it known.


Brent and Kat said...

Jenn - A fine reversal after your outburst! Worthy indeed of even Michael Richards... But 6 days and counting, you really have license to say whatever the heck you WANT!!! - Brent-

Micah said...

I should probably make some half-witty and informative comment, but I've got sympathy fatigue and sore feet so I'll be leaving, but leaving no real comment.